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Welcome to The Master's Program for Women

The Master's Program for Women is a unique three-year program of life-designing and coaching that encourages participants to discover and pursue God's designed plans for their lives.

The Master's Program for Women is designed to answer your deepest questions and help you gain a new understanding of your Kingdom Calling, that one thing that God created only YOU to do for His Kingdom.

The Master's Program for Women focuses on your ability to manage the foremost issues in your life, including your faith, family, career, relationships and the varied opportunities to serve that tug at you every day.

What you can expect to take away..

  • Authenticity and harmony in the key relationships of life.
  • Self-discovery, self-awareness and enhanced self-management.
  • Margin in the resources of time, energy and money to create availability for future opportunity.
  • Qualification for Kingdom leadership on biblical terms.
  • Recognition of passion as the key motivator of a satisfying life.
  • Discovery of your unique Kingdom Calling as the course for life in all future seasons.

The men's and women's program uses the same curriculum and books and follows the same teaching style.  

Using Bob Shank's written material for TMP, life coaches and graduates of the program bring a feminine perspective to the issues of balance, margin and focus.

They help each woman discover her own Kingdom Calling by examining her God-given potential and God-honoring passions. The Master’s Program for Women helps each participant maximize her fruitfulness by coaching her toward a life of increased margin, decreased "busyness" and personal entrepreneurship. Come experience TMPW’s leadership training and maximize your Kingdom efforts in your area of the country.

THE MASTER'S PROGRAM - 4500 Campus Drive. Suite 550, Newport Beach, CA 92660 949-756-2096
Contact Sandy Olsson - The Master's Program for Women - 714-283-4219